The increased Oil transport and the other traffic what comes with that - on the road right in front  of my place - has increased so much that I had to make the difficult decision not to take training horses in for 2015. Because of the strong truck traffic it is for safety reasons no basis for training  horses and clients. The safety for horses, clients and myself is no longer there.
I am still offer all the other Service, you can check out here. 
If you have a very difficult time with you horse, contact me and I'll try to help you.

Stallion Prospect for sale
JLB Wildfire
born October 04, 2011

Very rare opportunity to own a foundation Stallion.
His sire "GO BUDDY BLUE" past away last winter.
I own two half brothers and one half sister and they are one of
the best horses on my place. Easy to train and nice to have around.
He has a lot of speed and a lot of growing to do.
Just look at his pedigree.
Full of Foundation Bloodline
Go Man Go on top and bottom, Texas High Dasher, Blue Valentine,
Two Eyed Jack, Dash for Cash.....
He was not breeding yet.
Contact me with any questions.

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