-Communication between Horse and Human-

Horses have been my lifelong passion.  

There is something about the 

outside of a horse that is good 

for the inside of a man.  

~Winston Churchill


He standing at stud

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"DXB Go Little Man"

He standing at stud


booked out for 2016

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Successful Horse Training Starts With Trust ! 

Birgit Schwartzenberger
President and Founder at Horse Wisdom LLC.
 offers special programs for 

clients seeking insight and transformation, healing of psychological wounds, facing life challenges,
seeking relief from the effects of trauma and
abuse, depression, anxiety, addictions, attachment disorders, stress related challenges,
children and youth with a range of needs and disorders, groups, families, couples, and organizations. 

She also offer horsemanship
private lessons and horse training clinics .
"Don't whispering to your horse  -
                Listening to your horse !!!"

Horses don’t care who you are, what you’ve done, or what you believe.
They care only about how you behave with them.
This enables them to give unconditional acceptance to a troubled teen who is revealing his or her true self.
This acceptance creates a feeling of self-worth, which can often be hard to obtain with
the typical rehabilitation methods of traditional psychotherapy and/ or prescription drugs.

Horse Wisdom
- communication between horse and human

-  is a way of working with a horse that benefits both
the horse and the rider.
Many approaches to training require the horse to give up
something of himself in order to get by with the demands people place on him.

In the process of making a horse submissive and obedient people
often turn a horse into something he was not born to be.
But Schwartzenberger Horsemanship 
- communication between horse and human-
 try to keep the horse inside the horse.

The essence of getting along with a horse during the training process is to
understand that he weighs up every decision in terms of the
effect it has on his safety and comfort.
It is the need to feel safe and comfortable that determines
if a horse will work under sufferance or with willingness.







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